About Us

Common Facility Service Centre, Changanacherry,Department of Industries & Commerce, Government of Kerala

The Common Facility Service Centre at Changanassery functions directly under the Department of Industries and Commerce, Govt. of Kerala, to assist and aid upcoming entrepreneurs particularly in the fields of rubber and plastic. Centre started functioning on 1969 as per G.O (MS) No.457/65/ID dated 13.10.1965. C.F.S.C has a well equipped tool room, physical and chemical laboratories, rubber, plastic and training divisions. A nominal service charge was fixed by the government for availing the services of different machines.
Common Facility Service Centre with Certified with ISO 9001 : 2008 (Certificate No. 139676-2013-AQ-IND-RvA) in the year of 2013.

Our activities include :

  • Undertaking project works of research scholars and students in the fields of Chemistry, Rubber Technology, Polymer chemistry etc of colleges and universities by assisting them to use the facilities of the Centre for the successful completion of their projects

  • Conducting Entrepreneur Development Training Program, Awareness programs and seminars on Rubber and Plastic based industries and providing other relevant information applicable to the MSME units.

  • Quality Control testing of rubber products and raw materials as per National and International standards.

  • Designing and fabrication of moulds, dies and machineries in the Tool Room division for rubber and plastic products.

  • Providing facilities such as services of costly machines used for rubber and plastic product manufacturing.

  • Giving advice for product diversification, extending new technical information whenever possible.

The centre has initiated several programs for strengthening its activities. Shortage of trained man power in various fields is one of the major issue faced by industries today. To cater to this need of the industries, we used to conduct Skill Up-gradation training programs on lathe and boring, Industrial Electrification, fabrication & A/C ducting, CNC milling, CNC lathe training, TIG,MIG,X-ray welding etc.

The Centre have well equipped laboratories for conducting various physical and chemical tests on rubber, plastic, rubber chemicals, raw materials, etc. These facilities can be used for rubber product development, problem solving in existing industries, research promotion, etc. More than 2000 clients including industrialists, rubber farmers, students, research scholars, etc. are utilizing the services of this Centre every year.

Common Facility Service Centre supported with following Departments/Divisions

  • Rubber (Mixing Mill, Hydraulic Press etc)

  • Plastic (Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Reprocessing Extruder, Blown Film, Grinder, etc.)

  • Tool Room (Lathe, Milling (CNC), Surface Grinding, Radial Drilling, Shaping machine, Plaining machine, various types of welding etc)

  • Physical Testing (Universal Testing Machine, Rheometer, Plasti meter, Dematio Flexo meter, Abrader, Hardness Tester, Rose Flux Tester, Moony Viscometer etc. )

  • Chemical Testing (MST Apparatus, Aging Oven, VFA Apparatus, PH Meter, Colorimeter, Muffle Furnace, Ball Mill, Solution Mixer, IR Heating Chamber etc.)

  • Training (Various types of training programs related to Rubber, Plastics, Tool Room, different testing including Physical and Chemical)