Tool Room

We provide costly machinery for service to existing and upcoming entrepreneurs for their product development. We also undertake designing and fabrication of Moulds and dies suitable for the production of Rubber and Plastic products. Our other services includes technical advices and work related to general and light engineering. Send Enquiry

Available Machineries

1.BFW BMV60 CNC Milling Machine-XYZ traverse 1050x610x610 mm

2.HMT Universal Milling Machine-Table size 1300x300 mm

3.HMT Lathe NH 26-10 Feet

4.PSG Lathe-6 Feet

5.M K Lathe-4 1/2 Feet

6.Planning Machine-Table size 72"x36"

7.Shaping Machine-24 Inch

8.Addison Tool & Cutter Grinder-8 Inch

9.HMT RM-62 Radial Drilling Machine-Solid drilling capacity-75mm(steel), 85mm(CI)

10.Flexible shaft grinder-4 Inch

11.Power Hacksaw-8 Inch

12.Welding Set-400Amp.