Plastics have become common materials of our everyday lives.Many of their properties, such as durability, versatility and light-weight, can be a significant factor in achieving sustainable development. CFSC is dedicated to give various technical services in the area of Plastics. Some of them are...

  • Various testing facilities to determine quality and properties of plastic products/materials.

  • Services of Plastics Processing Machineries .

  • Technical advices to set up manufacturing units and recycling units.

  • Advices on selection of Suitable machineries and raw materials/additives.

  • Sharing ideas about latest trends in plastics processing and recycling technology.

  • Making awareness about proper handling of plastics.

  • Advices on converting waste plastics in to value added products.

  • Working hand together with various PSU's and LSG bodies to minimize municipal waste and landfill.

  • Providing training to Entrepreneurs and students on Plastics.